Kid's Class
Kenpo Teaches Perseverance 
    Push Me...


      Our program is designed to teach your children to protect themselves for those times when you can't be there. As your children get older they want to spend time with their friends, or play their favorite video games in the Arcade at the Mall. Kenpo training will keep them safe by teaching them "Danger Recognition & Avoidance." One of the most important abilities in order not to be victimized is to see danger BEFORE IT STRIKES. Knowing how it strikes, as well as being able to fight off attacks from strangers are just as important. Armed with Kenpo your child won't be defenseless. Kenpo teaches your child perseverance, never to give up.

In addition Kenpo helps to improve Developmental Skills such as:

  1. Communication skills - Listening & Comprehension
  2. Coordination & Motor skills - hand, eye, and foot
  3. Memory - Ability to Concentrate and Complete a Task
  4. Social Skills - Learning how to get along with others.
  5. Improves health through exercise, strengthen muscles & bones, reduces calories and is a good outlet to burn off extra energy...
  6. Confidence - Believing in yourself when taking on new challenges.
  7. Our definition of Self-Discipline - "Doing what you know needs to be done; without being told."

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