Adult Class

      With assaults against persons on the rise, the need for personal protection is being ignored by most people thinking that it could never happen to me. Just watch 15 minutes of your local News braodcast and you'll see rape, murder, kidnapping, gang fights, drive by shooting, and car jackings. The list goes on. Unfortunately most people think it only happens to the other guy. They think I'm too careful or my lifestyle does not put me at risk for these types of attacks. Besides "I have my pepper spray."

      Danger often strikes without warning or very little at best, in some cases only just enough time to make a person aware that they're now in a life threatening situation...The kind you often heard about in conversation or saw on TV. Don't be a victim. Become Self-Reliant, arm yourself with Self-Defense knowledge and skills. Learn to help yourself when no one else WILL or CAN come to your aid.

      The other side of the coin. Kenpo can be fun, like Gymnastics it is a demanding Physical Art form with grace and beauty. It can be pleasurable, reduce stress, help you lose weight, improve your self-esteem, and build confidence. But unlike Gymnastics, Kenpo is like the Flame, Beautiful to behold, yet deadly to touch. Kenpo can be anything you want it to be.

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